Frequently Asked Questions


What do I "own" if I purchase a lot at Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort?

The RV Resort is a condominium.  Lot owners receive deed and title in fee simple subject to the "Declaration of Condominium" and the rules and regulations of the owner's association.  

What are the benefits of ownership?

Most importantly, Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort is a wonderful vacation destination.  Located on the IntraCoastal Waterway, the resort offers the best in RV recreation. In addition to use of owner's association recreational facilities, owner's receive one-half of gross rents collected for their site. The rental office has exclusive rental rights to the RV Resort; owner's receive rental checks the first month of each quarter. 

May I live on my site?

The "Declaration of Condominium" states in Article 8.1, "It is the specific intent of this declaration to create and maintain a luxury resort for recreation vehicles and to prohibit permanent or semi-permanent structures as well as any structure or vehicle which is used as, or designed for use as, permanent living quarters on any lot.” The Covenants also state “travel trailers longer than thirty-five (35) feet or wider than eight (8) feet in their fully installed condition (which eight (8) feet includes tipouts or slideouts) or which are not self-contained… are not permitted."

May I store my RV on my site ?

Beaufort County Ordinance #2001-2095-40, Section 6.1.9, Item C states: "Recreational vehicles placed on a site shall either be on site for fewer than 180 consecutive days and be fully licensed and ready for highway use, or meet the requirements of Section 6.1.9A and Section 6.1.9B." (Refers to Mobile Homes)

Do I pay association dues?

As of 4/1/2017, $215.00 per month payable quarterly ($645.00) - These dues cover property maintenance, water, sewer, garbage pick-up, cable TV and WiFi. Dues are subject to increase at Owner's Association discretion. The Association has asked lot owners to replace the power pedestals on each lot. The expected cost of this replacement is up to $2,000.00. 

What's not covered by association dues?

Electricity: About a maximum of $6.00 per day when in use. Taxes: Property taxes will be assessed based on the median sales price of lots. The property taxes on interior sites that have sold in the last several years have ranged from $800 - $1000 per year. Beaufort County will reassess taxes on any property sold to determine the following year's taxes. Dues do not cover replacement parts such as circuit breakers. Lot owners are invited to rent space in the Marina if they travel with a boat or would like an annual rental.

Lot Purchase:

              The Owners' Association charges a one time expense of $400 when purchasing a lot (subject to increase at Owner’s Association discretion).  BillyBob's Marinas, Inc. and Turner’s Marina, LLC own separate rights of repurchase on the lots within the resort, there is a $50 processing fee for each waiver.